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WELCOME TO The Morningside School!
The Morningside School is a small, play and nature-based, in-home preschool for children ages 2-5 and their families, located in Carrboro, NC. 

 We believe that education should be engaging, inspiring and fun. We believe children learn best when they are doing, feeling and actively participating in the learning process. Children are natural explorers, learners, investigators, and players.  As they are exploring and moving through the world, they are taking pieces of what they see and do and integrating it into their minds and hearts.  We believe teachers and parents are the partners in this learning.

In accordance with our beliefs, we offer a very hands-on, emergent curriculum with daily opportunities to explore a wide range of materials, engage in group and individual learning and experience being part of a caring community.  Our evolving curriculum is influenced by the ideas of Reggio Emilia schools, particularly that children are competent and natural learners, and that the relationships developed between teachers, students and parents complement and enhance learning.  We value the lessons found in the outdoors and spend a large amount of time exploring lessons found in nature.
Discovering and Learning Together
"Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes, and their ears, the resources of forms, materials, sounds and colours."
                        ---Loris  Malaguzzi